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Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

On which date do I have to install my winter tires?

Further to the amendments to the Highway Safety Code, starting in 2019, winter tires will be mandatory as of December 1 until March 15. All taxis and passenger vehicles registered in Québec must be equipped with four winter tires. This requirement also applies to rental passenger vehicles in Québec, as well as mopeds, motorized scooters and motorcycles.
Source : SAAQ

Do I have to get my car wheels aligned regularly, and if so, how frequently?

Manufacturers suggest that wheels be aligned each year to avoid premature and abnormal tire wear. Here are the benefits:

  • Tire life extension
  • Improved vehicle handling
  • More pleasant driving

Is it important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule?

Yes. When you follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, you extend the life of your vehicle and its parts.

For your information, your vehicle’s recommended maintenance can be done at your garage even if your vehicle is under warranty. You just need to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and keep your invoices.  If a required repair is under warranty, your garage will refer you to your dealer for the latter to honour the warranty.

How do I know if a repair is urgent or not?

When you visit the Centre Beaumont pneus et mécanique, we perform an assessment of repairs that need to be done. Each potential repair is color-coded:

  • Red: to be done immediately
  • Yellow: to be done within the next three months
  • Green: to be done within the next six months or to be reassessed within six months